D'Addario Bajo Strings

D'Addario Bajo Strings
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The Bajo Sexto is suited to the indigenous guitar of the same name, a 12-string instrument, sometimes referred to as a "guitar/bass", used in northern Mexican and across the border. The Bajo Quinto is similarly designed for its namesake, a 10-string configuration of the Bajo Sexto, used in a variety of genres from Tex-Mex to Msica Mexicana-Tejana. Bajo Sexto strings are tuned to, from lowest to highest, E, A, D, G, C and F. The strings will deliver the required pulsation in the low-end of a Tejano band, while providing projection of clean chord changes across all registers. Bajo Sexto string sets are available in 12-string sets. Similarly, the new Bajo Quinto 10-string set delivers robust lows and upper range articulation. All strings are Phosphor Bronze round wound for a range of warm/bright acoustic tones, projection, and long life.